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Enterprise Video Surveillance Overview

Enterprise Grade Video Surveillance

Enterprise Video Surveillance Presents Unique Issues

Midsized Business, Supersized Technology, Big Risks

For midsized businesses, surveillance systems are moving from a “nice to have” to a “must have.” Here, you make relatively big investments in product technologies well ahead of larger enterprises. Rapid adoption of product technology for midsized businesses is a key to survival; it is also a way of being able to scale your operations to become global or achieve higher growth. The same holds true with IP surveillance systems, which range from 16 to as many as 1,000 cameras in system size.

When managing security for a growing business, keep in mind the differences in choices of the type of technology, who is servicing the business and the product technology risks. Where a small business’s end user is typically buying a safe, bundled offering, the mid-sized business’s end user is purchasing a riskier, standalone system from a traditional security systems integrator. You would negotiate the price and select best-of-breed equipment from an expansive range of product offerings. This contract is typically negotiated with a similarly sized service provider, which can create a business partnership between equals to offset some of your implementation risks. Compare that to the small business’s security manager, who is buying the listed price and choosing from a limited product choice from a much larger service provider.

Enterprise Business, Enterprise IT, Lowest Prices

Within the enterprise-class come enterprise-sized IT requirements. The importance and costs of IT compliance to the enterprise often outweighs the actual surveillance product’s technology requirements. Enterprise security contracts also come with the lowest per-unit price tag, thanks to your enterprise’s purchasing power and the maturity of your procurement process. Although enterprise-class businesses make up a small segment of the overall market, their impact is significant.

Target Practice

The best-bundled services are targeted to the small businesses, the best surveillance product technology is targeted at the midsized businesses, and the lowest price is targeted at the enterprise.

Knowing where you stand as a business, and how that standing affects your security partners, will help guide you to your best surveillance options.


There is a class of exception that allows each type of business to enjoy the same benefits.  Namely Cloud-based Video surveillance.  Cloud-based Video Surveillance as a Service allows all sized business to enjoy large cost savings, and leverage their existing cameras, without the constant management and technology upgrade nightmares.